Our Mission

It is the purpose of the Phoenix Award Committee to select, each year, a person now living, who has been active in and has made significant and major contributions to any phase of the glass industry. This may be in the field of science, production, or education relating to glass, and shall include glass containers, fiber glass, scientific glass, flat glass, tableware, and electronic glass. Any person whose relationship to the glass industry is solely that of a supplier shall be ineligible for the Award.

As a symbol of this Award, the recipient shall be presented with a glass sculpture representing the mythological Phoenix Bird. In the event that the recipient is unable to attend the award ceremony, he/she shall nominate a person to attend on his/her behalf.

The committee shall also organize and attend a suitable presentation ceremony honoring the recipient of the Award. The recipient and the committee jointly determine the location for the ceremony. Presentation ceremonies have been held in Europe and North America.